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July 1980 - September 1980

Chris Slade - John Sloman -Trevor Bolder - Gregg Dechert- Mick Box

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lt was the unfortunate Gregg Dechert that was to fill Hensley's shoes. Dechert, a Canadian, had worked with Sloman previously in a group called Pulsar, and his appointment was accompanied with the news of a 23-date tour of the UK, this time playing smaller venues and more obscure towns. 

A single, 'Think lt Over', due to appear on Heep's next album surfaced in January but it was destined not to find a family home until some two years later, when a re-recorded version would find its way onto 1982's ABOMINOG. T

he whole CONQUEST business had turned sour, with the songs not really built to succeed live, and a lack of general inspiration within the group. Sloman left, saying, "whilst I have enjoyed the past 18 months with Heep feel that my musical ambitions lie in a different direction. " 

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