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Olympic Coach Jason MorrisJason Morris, Head Olympic Coach for the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team that will compete in Beijing China and who's athletes train with the music
of Uriah Heep have now received their copy of Wake The Sleeper directly from the band...


Jason says:


"Thank you Heep ! Wake the Sleeper is FANTASTIC !! A HUGE BRAVO !!"

Jason is in process of introducing WTS to his students and will be taking it  to Bejing for the Olympic Games !

"Heep and the JMJC follow each other as we are mutual fans...Heep tunes will be in big supply on iPods on all the kids from the JMJC that will be at the trials in Vegas and make the Olympics..

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Also, please check up on his progress with the Olympic games here

All of us with Uriah Heep wish Jason and his team the best of luck !




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